Wishing Well – Juice WRLD

Wishing Well – Juice WRLD Lyrics

I can’t breath i’m waiting for the exhale
Touch my pain throw my wishes in a wishing well
Still no life, why? oh well
I still try even though i’m not ‘?’
Stretched on my ‘?’ like an anvil
Perky’s got me itching like an anthill
Drugs killing me softly ‘?’
Sometimes i don’t know how to feel
Ring ring, phone call from depression
You used my past and my memories as a weapon
On the other line I talked to addiction
Speaking of the devil all the drugs i missed them
This can’t be real this is fiction
Something feels broke need to fix it
I cry out for help please listen
Ima be a loner till it’s finished
This is the part where i tell you i’m fine but i’m lying
I just don’t want you to worry

Lauryn Hill (Wishing Well)
Juice WRLD
Produced by ChopsquadDJ

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