Desin Samugena Yai Piyamba – Bathiya And Santhush

Desin Samugena Yai Piyamba by Bathiya And Santhush is currently trending in Sri Lanka. You can download Desin Samugena Yai Piyamba MP3 from below. Also, Desin Samugena Yai Piyamba Sinhala Lyrics is also available. This Sinhala song is performing well on Youtube and Other Social Medias.

Song – Desin Samugena Yai Piyamba

Singers – Bathiya And Santhush

Language – Sinhala

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Desin Samugena Yai Piyamba Sinhala Lyrics

Dasin samugena yai piyamba
Jeevithe navatha thiya //
Kisi kenek natha lanvela
Oba tharam sitha pem pura
Oba giya dura venvela
Aadare mata nae kiya
Daasin samugena yai piyamba
Jeevithe navatha thiya //

Datha dee lanveela
Ma laye sathapeela
Saamada sanaseela
Aadare mata keeva
Katado nathu veela
Ma mulavaka dala
Pavuna pitu pala
Ma lowe thani veela

Girl you gone away and I’m all alone
All by myself wondering why you gone
Wondering what you doing and who you with
Gave you the best of my life here’s the thanks I get
I wish I had known what you all about
Hell If I knew back then I would have tossed you out
But that’s all good girl you laughing now
Remember what goes up playa must come down

BNS make your hips wiggle like jello
All the honeys in the club here’s big hello
It’s the remix fresh out the studio
Straight into your ears from your stereo
I make you bounce higher than a trampoline
Ethnic lunatic stepping on the screen
I burn a lot hotter than gasoline
Too much money on my mind all I see is green

Adare nimaveela
Vedana baraveela
Sapaye madiveela
Ma parajitha veela
Sihinaye davateela
Ma soya oba awa
Ra pura sanaseela
Pavuna sangaveela

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